Dried flowers wholesale

We offer a wide range of dried flowers for resellers such as florists, shops, web shops and concept stores. From dried ornamental flowers to dried grains and bouquets: at Flowerplace you can buy your dried flowers for your customers. We have competitive and attractive prices. Fast delivery throughout Europe.

As the name suggests, dried flowers are dried fresh flowers. After harvesting the fresh flowers, they are taken from the land to a warm drying shed. Here the woods are hung upside down and given 48 hours to dry. Some are sold in the naturally dried color. While another part is provided with a color in order to make trendy bouquets or decorative material.

Not every flower or grass type can be dried, especially the firm harder types that are suitable for this. Lagurus, Pampas grass, Achilleas, Immortelles, Helicrysum, Delphinium, Thistles, Oats, Statice, Wheat and plumes are products that you often see in dried form. Due to the different colors and type, they fit into any interior and dried flowers feel at home with every lifestyle.

The natural, casual look of dried flowers makes them extremely versatile. You can put a dried bouquet wild and playful in a vase. On the other hand, you can also arrange them neatly and organized in a neat vase. Everything completely depends on your own style and preference. And how nice do the bunches of dried lavender smell for, for example, in the toilet.

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