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Achillea is part of the aster or composite family. The Achillea owes its name to Achilles the Greek hero. According to Greek mythology, he would have healed a wound with this herb. There are many different types of Achillea and some of these are used in floriculture. The filipendulina, the so-called yellow yarrow is the most famous of these. They are very popular because with their large yellow umbels they serve well as a filler in a bouquet. In combination with the Eryngiun gigantheum, they are widely used because of the beautiful contrast. The clypeolata is another common species, of which the soft yellow Achillea Moonshine is the most famous.

Yarrow is the popular name for Achillea millefolium. In Dutch it is called Thousand-leaves which is a literal translation from Latin; Foil means leaf and Mille means thousand. This cultivar in particular comes in many colours, in both pastel and hard colours. The Achillea ptarmica is less known, but this variety is very good to use as a dried flower. Most bred varieties from this cultivar are white and are also suitable for painting.

The Achillea likes a temperate climate. Because of this, it also occurs in the temperate regions of Asia and Europe. The wonderful scent in particular made the Achillea loved. The Achillea was also used for strengthening and invigorating. And Achilles already recognized the herb's anti-inflammatory nature.