Dried Ammi Majus dried flowers wholesale

Buy dried Ammi Majus online at Flowerplace, the wholesaler in dried flowers. Ammi Majus in various colours, lengths and prices at the European wholesaler of dried flowers. On these pages a wide overview of all available dried flowers Ammi Majus. Enjoy these dried flowers suitable for bouquets or as individual decoration within a few days by simply ordering them online.This very attractive cut flower with a white screen comes from a plant that also serves well as a border plant. Because the Ammi Majus has large white screens as flowers and blooms profusely, it is also called white dill.

Its rich inflorescence and decorative foliage makes it a great addition to borders. Another important application is in summer bouquets, partly because of the flowering period and partly because of the long shelf life. Partly due to a length of 100 to 120 cm, they are widely applicable.

The sister of the Ammi Majus, the Ammi Visnaga has a round umbel and leaves that are darker green. Both are real summer flowers, with the flowering months from May to August.

The Ammi Majus can be dried well to be used as natural light brown bulbs or as painted bulbs, which you can process both mono and in a bouquet of dried flowers.