Dried Carthamus dried flowers wholesale

Buy dried Carthamus - Safflower online at the wholesaler of dried flowers Flowerplace. Carthamus in various prices, colors and lengths at the European dried flower wholesaler. Below you will find the complete range of all available Carthamus dried flowers. Buy Carthamus via Flowerplace and enjoy these dried flowers quickly by simply ordering them online. The Carthamus safflower was originally grown because of the dye. Paint could be made from the orange or red dye that was extracted from the flower. Tinctorius means paint and is included in the Latin name Carthamus Tinctorius. Sometimes the flowers are used as an imitation of the more expensive Saffron. The taproot system of the Carthamus allows the plant to grow well in dry climates and it originates from the Middle East. We already know the Carthamus as a cut flower, but with the revival of the dried flower, its popularity has been revived. Precisely because of their color, the Carthamus is a beautiful addition to any dried bouquet or other artistic floral decoration. Depending on the season, the finely hairy flower changes color from yellow, via orange to red. Note the spiky leaves when processing this beautiful flower in the dried bouquet. However, if you are looking for a more modest filler for the bouquet, the Carthamus white may be a good alternative. Various painted types are also available. Thanks to the sophisticated drying process and preservation, this dried flower has an even longer shelf life.