Dried Delphinium dried flowers wholesale

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The name is derived from the shape of the flowers. With a little imagination they have the shape of a dolphin, hence the Latin name Delphinium. The Dutch name is Ridderspoor, which refers to the protruding parts of the flowers that look like knights' tracks.
You can enjoy the ranunculus family in fresh form for weeks. But as a dried flower you can enjoy these romantic flower clusters indefinitely. Delphiniums are available in roughly three colors; pink, white and blue, but within those colors varied from pastel to dark colored. The shape itself is an eye-catcher with an optimal flower arrangement.

The Delphinium symbolizes protection and truth and attachment in love. You can indicate that you want to continue together. That, combined with the Delphinium as a dried flower, means that you also want to enjoy it along. In short, a real connector.