Dried Eucalyptus dried flowers wholesale

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Of the more than 800 species of Eucalyptus, the Populus, Cinerea, Gunni, Espiral, Nicolii are the most well-known species. The branches are cut from the shrubby species or the trees. To stimulate the development of the new branches, the trees are cut back to one meter, after which the new branches start sprouting again. It is precisely the woody nature of the stems or branches that makes the Eucalyptus very suitable for preservation or drying. The drying process takes place in large drying cells, but drying the branches themselves is very simple; a vase without water is sufficient.

The grey, green or red variant provides a great base in any dried bouquet. Eucalyptus is the decorative green par excellence. Precisely because they retain their color for an extremely long time, the color accent remains in the dried bouquet or other decoration. The red variety, with the red branches, is especially popular during Christmas. In addition, the scent also contributes to the Christmas feeling. Processing it in a wreath as decoration requires some caution. Gentle bending of the branch, ensures that it does not break.