Dried Sorghum - Indian Corn dried flowers wholesale

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Dried Sorghum - Indian Corn resembles a corn cob filled with thicker seeds. The Dutch names are coarse Millet and Kaffirkoren, internationally the Latin name Sorghum is also used in addition to Indian Corn.

Sorghum is the name under which this grain is traded. In the past "kafferkorn" was used, which is derived from the epithet for the Bantu peoples of South Africa. It is an annual crop with a height between 0.6 and 5 meters depending on the cultivar. The thickness of the stem determines the occupancy of the seeds and can be up to thirty mm thick. With shorter and broader leaves that resemble those of corn, they somewhat resemble this. Furthermore, the leaves are smooth due to the fact that they are covered with a wax coating. A panicle can carry up to 6000 spikelets and is usually compact for the decorative species. Flowerplace separates the wheat from the chaff by using the right varieties and the best drying method.

The traded varieties can be white or light pink in color with the natural colours. In addition to the dyed varieties, there are of course also the bleached ones for the real BOHO style or as a resting point in a mixed bouquet of dried flowers.