Dried Oats - Avena dried flowers wholesale

Dried Oats - Avena buy online at wholesaler of dried flowers Flowerplace. Oats - Avena in various colours, lengths and prices at the European wholesaler of dried flowers. On these pages a wide overview of all available dried flowers Oats - Avena. Order them online and enjoy these dried flowers suitable for bouquets or as individual decoration within a few days.

We call it a dried flower, but officially oats - Avena are an annual plant. In addition to its application for decoration in interiors, people make extensive use of this grain. This includes oat porridge, beer and many more applications and animal feed. The oat -Avena is native to South Asia and Southern Europe.

The rustic appearance of our oats - Avena in high quality has a timeless appearance. Partly for this reason, the dried variant fits in both traditional and trendy compositions and is therefore one of our favorites. This type of grass has won our hearts by its natural and genuine appearance. As a dried flower, it can easily be incorporated into various decorations and has a very long shelf life.

Flowerplace offers this variant both dried and bleached and in different colours. In August when the plant is well ripened, they are cut. They are then professionally dried upside down under optimal conditions, so that the fruits do not fall off.