Dried Pampas - Cortaderia dried flowers wholesale

The wholesaler in dried flowers to buy dried Pampas  - Cortaderia online Flowerplace . Pampas in various colours, lengths and prices at the European wholesaler of dried flowers. A complete overview of the range of all available Pampas grass dried flowers. Enjoy within a few days or get started with these dried flowers suitable as mono decoration in vases and bottles or for bouquets. Everything is easy to order online.

The dried Pampas grass is often called Pampas feathers because of the swaying palms. It is an ornamental grass that came over from South America and grows there on the pampas. The pampas is a natural grassland subtropical in climate over a total area of ​​almost 800,000 square meters. There are about 25 different varieties that are actually all good to use as dried flower. The natural flowering period is mid-September.

The large, white Cortaderia  plumes feel fluffy and very soft even after the pampas grass has dried. Without green fingers, all lovers of interior design can surrender to the graceful appearance of this Pampas grass. Without the wind, you still get the idea that the plumes are rustling. The white plumes look beautiful solo in a large vase or bottle. The decorative champ is widely applicable in any interior due to its versatile colours. The fluffy and waving plume is a playful addition that serves as an eye-catcher in any decoration. Obviously, the dried Pampas grasses do not need to be watered. By treating with, for example, hairspray, these feathers last at least 6 months and you retain the natural looks.

The combination possibilities of Pampas grass are unprecedented. Especially due to the available color palette and natural tones, this grass feels at home anywhere. As a mono decoration, main flower of the dried bouquet, or special guest in the wall decoration, this stylish accent fits in your interior.