Dried Poppy dried flowers wholesale

Enjoy these Poppy dried flowers suitable for bouquets or as individual decoration within a few days by simply ordering them online. Buy dried Poppy online at Flowerplace, the wholesaler in dried flowers. Poppy in various colours, lengths and prices at the European wholesaler of dried flowers. On these pages a wide overview of all available dried flowers Papaver.

The best-known poppy variety is the sleeping bulb, or Papaver somniferum. The Poppy seed pods are wonderfully pure but at the same time very decorative. Dried flowers are back in fashion and the Poppy is a wonderful item to style with. From natural for a natural look to black for a more contemporary trend, everything is possible and every interior gets a boost. There are more than 60 different varieties of the poppy, making them one of the most important trends in dried flowers.

This beautiful natural product poppy is extremely suitable as a dried flower and can easily be incorporated into arrangements of dried flowers and is an eye-catcher in a fresh flower bouquet.