Dried Wheat Triticum dried flowers wholesale

Buy dried Wheat Triticum online at Flowerplace, the wholesaler in dried flowers. Wheat Triticum in various colours, lengths and prices at the European wholesaler of dried flowers. On these pages a wide overview of all available dried flowers Wheat Triticum. Enjoy these dried flowers suitable for bouquets or as individual decoration within a few days by simply ordering them online.

The popularity of dried flowers is now unprecedented and completely back. The most important grain that serves as food for humans is wheat or Triticum. But there are now various varieties that have been specially bred for their ornamental value as dried flowers. Because all the spikes are at almost the same height and the panicles are nicely full, this variety is extremely suitable as a dried flower.

Depending on the development of the crop, harvesting can take place in June, July or August. Just after the harvest, the wheat has a green color, due to the incomplete development of the grains. In 48 hours the Triticum is dried upside down, where they develop the natural color.

Our wheats are for sale in different quantities per pack. In addition to the natural and standard colours, Flowerplace has developed its own color program, which is in line with the latest trends.

The characteristic spike shape is ideal for a dried bouquet with a difference in height.