Silk Flowers online wholesale

Buy silk flowers as a wholesaler? Our wide range of silk flowers is very suitable for florists, decorators and event planners.

Silk flowers or artificial flowers are gaining in popularity. Our silk flowers are indistinguishable from real ones. Use silk flowers in bouquets and flower arrangements for your home, office, shop or event venue. Artificial flowers do not discolour, do not need water, and always radiate freshness. The fine silk gives these real artificial flowers extra character and they are often more beautiful than their fresh variety. These long-lasting flowers are also an investment that pays for itself, because you will enjoy them for years.
The maintenance of the silk flowers is simple and a matter of keeping them free of dust. Make the flower or plant dust-free during your round with the feather duster or duster and they will remain a beautiful eye-catcher in your interior. Our wholesale range of silk flowers is ideal for florists, resellers and event planners.

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